What Our Company Aims to Achieve

Pioneering Innovations in International Logistics

International logistics is the foundation of the global economy, and to continue sustainable development, efficient and environmentally friendly initiatives are necessary.

The introduction of the latest technologies, utilization of big data, and automation can bring significant reforms to the logistics industry. As a company leading these innovations and as a leader in international logistics, we aim to drive further development and are expected to spearhead continued growth in this sector.

As a Competent Logistics Provider

Our goal is to be globally recognized as a company that can provide high-quality and prompt services tailored to the needs of our customers and earn their trust.

Specifically, we possess high technical expertise and know-how in building logistics networks and are committed to actively optimizing logistics systems and improving inventory management. Additionally, we are well-versed in risk management and, in international logistics, familiar with foreign regulations and customs procedures, ensuring the safe and rapid transport of goods.

Moreover, we are proactive in corporate social responsibility (CSR), believing it is important to deliver social value such as environmental protection and respect for human rights. Equipped with these elements, we aim to be a logistics provider that earns high praise from our customers.

President’s Message

As an international logistics company, we are committed to providing valuable services to our customers. The logistics services we offer not only deliver products and services needed by people around the world but also help build connections and improve the quality of life globally. In management, we believe it is important to pursue not only profit but also fulfill our social responsibilities. We contribute to improving the lives of people worldwide by respecting the environment, human rights, and labor standards, and fulfilling our social responsibilities.

We continually focus on technological innovation and service improvement to provide the best logistics solutions for our customers. By creating a comfortable work environment for our employees, we also strive to enhance their motivation. These efforts lead to trust from our customers, employees, and the local community.

We are dedicated to management and development while pursuing global well-being. We believe it is crucial for us to continuously grow and improve to contribute to people worldwide. We promise to keep providing services that meet our customers’ needs and contribute to creating a better society, united as one team.

BRIDGEHEAD Corporation
President and CEO