We provide real-time tracking
and flexible transportation services through a wide network
and precise order processing.


Ground transportation services

We provide domestic transportation utilizing trucks and railways. We adapt flexibly to client needs with efficient and safe transportation methods.


Delivery and courier services

From parcels to large items, we offer fast and reliable home delivery services. We select the optimal route for each region and provide options for time-specific deliveries and real-time tracking.


Warehouse storage and fulfillment

We provide comprehensive services from receiving goods to storage, picking, packing, and shipping. We optimize inventory efficiency and delivery speed.


Refrigerated and frozen transportation

Transportation of refrigerated and frozen products such as food and pharmaceuticals. Thorough management of temperature control and quality maintenance.


Reverse transportation and reverse logistics

Services related to product returns and reuse. Effectively manage the reverse supply chain and minimize environmental impact.


International transportation

Domestic logistics

EC logistics ・
Cross-border EC logistics

Logistics DX