From inventory management to shipping,
and even compliance with foreign laws and tariffs,
we provide comprehensive EC logistics and cross-border EC logistics services.
In the fiercely competitive EC market, we offer enriched services and added value.


Fulfillment services

We handle everything from managing online shop products to packaging and shipping, all in one package. By optimizing inventory and ensuring swift delivery, we achieve improved service for our customers.


Reverse logistics

We efficiently manage returns processing and restocking of goods. By providing a swift and transparent returns process, we contribute to improving customer satisfaction.


International logistics support

Logistics solutions specialized in global transactions. We facilitate international transportation and customs procedures to support overseas expansion.


International fulfillment

We comprehensively handle inventory management to packaging and shipping for global customers, supporting smooth and efficient cross-border EC expansion.


International shipping options

We utilize region-specific optimal routes to provide safe and swift international transportation. Maximize options with customized choices.


Customs support and customs compliance

Smooth handling of complex customs procedures in different countries. We focus on ensuring customs compliance and risk mitigation.


International transportation

Domestic logistics

EC logistics ・
Cross-border EC logistics

Logistics DX