borderless society

Our goal is to provide smooth international logistics to our customers, enabling international transactions as if they were borderless. If borderless trade becomes possible, it will invigorate international transactions and, consequently, revitalize the long-stagnant Japanese economy, leading to the creation of a better society.

To build this new world, we are looking for colleagues to work with us.

Language skills and experience are certainly beneficial. However, the most important quality is the willingness to work hard together with everyone. Working together allows us to achieve great results, and we help each other out, so experience and language skills are not essential.

If you are interested in our company, please feel free to contact us.

To always be a new version of yourself,

The job in international logistics is unglamorous. The main players are the shippers, and other characters include shipping companies and airlines.

Our role is that of an arranger. We coordinate to ensure that all players operate smoothly. It’s not a role that takes center stage, but it’s gratifying when your arrangements flow smoothly.

Furthermore, as it is a job requiring specialized skills, constantly refreshing yourself and striving to be a new version of yourself are essential. If you are someone who never settles and always seeks new knowledge and experiences, you can play a crucial role in this industry.



Homely Atmosphere

The job scope is broad, and so is the age range of our team members, which spans from the 20s to the 80s. Everyone comes from various industries and respects each other while working together.


On an Expansion Track

We are moving forward with the acquisition of new businesses and overseas expansion. Our recruitment activities continue throughout the year, and we expect to see a steady increase in new team members. It might not be long before you could become a team leader or take on a managerial role.


Support for Customs Broker Certification

The company covers the costs for taking the customs broker exam. Even if you do not register as a customs broker, there is a qualification allowance. We have several customs brokers within the company, so practical training and guidance are also available.



Comprehensive Social Insurance

We provide employment insurance, workers’ compensation insurance, and social insurance.


Transportation Costs Covered

We cover 100% of transportation costs.


Overtime Allowance

Overtime pay is provided. There are no assumed overtime hours.


Support for Certification Acquisition

We cover the exam fees for the customs broker certification.


Qualification Allowance

We provide a qualification allowance even for those who are certified customs brokers but do not register as one.


Casual Dress Code & Personal Expression

There are no specific requirements for attire. We only ask that you dress appropriately for the business setting when meeting with clients.


Job Description

Checking and creating customs documents for imports and exports, arranging sea and air transportation, etc.


No educational requirements; must have professional experience (no requirement on the number of years).

Employment Type

Full-time (with a 6-month probation period; no change in benefits during the probationary period).

Work Locations

Yokohama Branch: Room D203, Kannai Central Building, 2-26 Masagocho, Naka-ku, Yokohama, Kanagawa Prefecture Tokyo Branch: 6th Floor, Nihon Kozuki Building No. 1, 2-9-12 Kyobashi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo

Working Hours

9:00 AM to 6:00 PM (8 hours of actual work).


Monthly salary of 220,000 to 350,000 yen (based on experience and skills; to be determined during the interview).